Perennial Garden Tour

11 Stops
Duration: 00:20:00
Distance: 160

Welcome to the Judith DeLapa Perennial Garden Tour. The perennial garden is a communal space in which visitors can become closer to nature to enjoy its beauty, learn something new, and find inspiration. The perennial garden consists of 3.5 acres of space, including island beds, shrub and tree borders, and specialty collections. Nestled on the south side of MSU’s campus, our gardens are a true hidden gem at the university, providing a peaceful space for both national and international visitors and our local community.

Click "Start Tour" below to begin. Once you are in the tour, you can use the map icon (looks like a tri-fold piece of paper) near the bottom of your screen to move between stops. In addition, in the Gardens, look for stops indicated by a physical sign with number and a QR code. Use the Scan icon (looks like an uppercase Q enclosed in square brackets) that will allow you to scan the QR code or switch to Enter Code mode to type in a stop's number. All stops are three numbers (i.e.- stop #1 is 001).

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